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Leeds Jazz is collecting together the evidence of its activities since its foundation in 1984 at this url:

Persuading those who were there to write up what they can remember is not easy. However Barry Cooper has written this account of the Beginnings of Leeds Jazz.

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  1. Bruce Diggle - December 27, 2012

    To whoever can help.

    This is plea for contact information, which I realise, because of the dates involved may just not be possible.

    I am 74 and whilst at school and university (57-60) in Leeds was friendly with some of the Art School, and later, University, musicians.

    Two people in particular, I would like to contact, Jack Richardson who played Tuba, and Ed O’Donell who I think played trombone in the Art College band. At that time, the Leeds Art College band was the only one decent marching band in the north and on many occasions was at the head of the University Rag procession. Martin Boland I also remember as a clarinet player leading his own band, who always used to do the regular Saturday Night Dance in The Grand in Harrogate. A final name I remember from then was Shemph. Pronounced just like its spelt. He was a modern jazz pianist who seemed to be everywhere. First met him playing in the Mouat Jones lounge in the university union. No idea what he was studying or where he was from, or where he is now.

    My own step into playing was almost doomed to failure from the start. A group of us formed a trad band and we played in Boston Spa at the end of each school term. We unwisely chose the name Sinners Jazz band which did not go down well with the headmaster at the school, St Michael’s College. The Ferrula, the cane, expulsion, and even excommunication were all mentioned.